What are the Legal Dimensions for Oversized Vehicles

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Dimensions for Oversized Vehicles

Learn about oversized vehicles and their legal dimensions from the experts. Find out if your vehicle qualifies as oversized equipment.

Oversized vehicles are considered “oversized” when they surpass the legal dimensions for the state or states they are traveling through. If your vehicle is oversized, there are specific permits and safety regulations that must be followed in order for your machinery to be shipped legally and safely. Of course, the best way to start this process is to determine if your vehicle is oversized.

This brief overview of legal dimensions for oversized vehicles should help you get started.

  • Width: Any vehicle over 8 feet 6 inches wide will, in most areas, need an oversized permit.
  • Height: Most states consider anything higher than 13 feet 6 inches to be oversized, but there are some states in the western part of the country that allow taller vehicles to travel without oversize permits.
  • Weight: Any load over 80,000 pounds will require an oversize permit for every US state.
  • Length: This dimension is a little less important as it varies from state to state and can be dependent upon the amount of axles the carrier has.

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