How to Choose an Auto Transport Service

how to choose an auto transport serviceYou have bought a car online from the other side of the country. You are making a move that requires crossing several states. Or, perhaps, you have to move vehicles for an auction or to a storage facility. Regardless of the reason, you have one or more vehicles that need to get transported several hundred or thousands of miles to another destination. You need to hire a transport service to take care of your vehicle and make sure it safely gets from point A to point B. Choosing a transport service shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are few tips to help you choose the right transport service for your auto transport needs.

  1. Do your research. Find a list of auto transport services. Check their reviews and check their records with the Better Business Bureau. You then need to narrow down your list to two or three companies. Go directly to their websites and ask for a quote directly from the company. Don’t go to a website offering multiple quotes or you will be spammed with emails and your phone will be overrun with phone calls. To get a quote from the business website directly, make sure you input the details accurately.
  2. Study the quotes. The lowest price isn’t always best. Find out what the quoted price includes. You could even be quoted the lowest price and then the company might not be able to find a carrier who will physically move your vehicle, especially for the price that the company offers them. In this case, you might find yourself in a predicament where your car won’t be moved and this can cause major issues if you are on a tight schedule.

III. Will the company provide a bill of lading? You want to deal with a company that will ensure your vehicle is inspected prior to shipment. Any damage will be indicated on a report that details the condition of the vehicle. You need to keep a copy of this report until the car is delivered. It should be inspected again at delivery and the two reports should be compared.

  1. Make an agreement. Now you have chosen the right vehicle transport service, you need to sign a contract and get the process started. You are ready to get moving and get your vehicle where it needs to go. Prepare your vehicle to be transported. Make sure you remove any items of value or that are personal in nature. Don’t fuel the car up. Most auto transport companies prefer transporting cars with less than a quarter tank of fuel in them because the amount of fuel impacts the vehicle weight. You should also wash the car because it will make inspecting the car at drop off or pick up much easier because any damage to the vehicle can easily be identified both before and after transport.

To get your auto transport needs met, contact We Will Transport It Co. so we can get the process started. We will not ask you to sign a contract with us until we have found a carrier willing to work at a price that you agree to for the job.

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