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Moving Palm Trees, Large Tree Shipping, palm Trees Transport

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Moving Palm Trees Long Distances

Have you ever stopped and thought about how large trees are transported long distances? Transporting a tree from one location to another requires careful planning and preparation to be successful.

 Moving Palm Trees, Large Tree Shipping, palm Trees Transport

When moving palm trees any considerable distance whether it be through busy city streets, under bridges and overhangs and over the course of many miles on the open road, it will require the cooperation of several departments to ensure a smooth tree transport.

Palm Trees Transport

At We Will Transport It, one of our expert logisticians will carefully study and plan out the best possible route our driver will need to take along with the speed of the truck. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the importance of properly preparing the tree so it can be safely transplanted when it arrives at your destination.

  • Large Tree Shipping: Carefully Planned

    Once you decide to hire We Will Transport It to move a large tree across a long distance we can begin the complicated process of pinning down the itinerary we will be following to safely handle your large tree shipment.

  • Obstacles Everywhere: Horizontal And Vertical

    At We Will Transport It, one of our experienced logistics members will carefully map out all the parameters which could affect your large trees’ transplantation. We’ll need to ensure that there are no horizontal or vertical obstacles on the journey. We have to avoid narrow roadways as they are not wide enough for our trucks to fit through. This will help us to avoid any walls, lamp posts or signs as we are driving through.

  • Overhead Utilities

    At the same time, we need to consider any overhead utilities which could pose issues like power and phone lines, lights and other overhead utilities that can easily be an obstruction for our drivers. If we were to drive a tall tree through an area like this it could easily slice through such utilities creating havoc in the neighboring areas while potentially damaging the tree at the same time.

  • Traffic And Traffic Lights

    Another issue we need to think about is traffic lights. There are times if we are traveling through heavily trafficked areas in which we would need to coordinate with any local authorities so they can temporarily disable any traffic lights so our trucks can pass through.

    This would also mean alerting local ambulance authorities, firefighters or any other crucial services about the changes in traffic or traffic lights so they can properly organize an alternative itinerary for their service vehicles. Even if we aren’t traveling through a heavily populated city or town, we have to be aware of any bridges that may come across our path as they are a serious obstacle. Our trucks are unable to pass under any bridges so mapping out an itinerary that will bypass every bridge takes a lot of skill and serious planning for our logistics team.

Preparing Your Tree For Transportation

Aside from any practicalities involved with the transport process, we also need to ensure that the trees’ health and wellbeing are properly maintained. We’ll need to make sure the tree’s branches are properly tied together to ensure they don’t get broken during the transport process, especially if the tree shipment is traveling particularly long-distance.

 Moving Palm Trees, Large Tree Shipping, palm Trees Transport

We will also need to make sure that the tree’s roots remain moist and watered throughout the course of its travels on its way to its final destination. In order to move large trees successfully, they must be attached and secured solidly to the bed of the trailer. Any high-speed winds during the tree shipment could potentially displace and shift the weight balance of the trucks creating a dangerous situation not only for the tree but the truck driver as well.

We Will Transport It Knows How To Move Large Trees

At We Will Transport It, we believe in the protection and preservation of all trees, but especially the very large and mature trees. Our goal is to help these trees continue their lives in a better place more suited to their needs. We Will Transport It can help both developers and landowners to increase the value of their investments while making the world a better place, one tree at a time.

 Moving Palm Trees, Large Tree Shipping, palm Trees Transport

Regardless of whether you need help moving palm trees across a project development or need tree shipping services across the country, We Will Transport It has the right kind of equipment, trailers and knowledgeable drivers that know how to transport large trees safely and efficiently. If your next landscaping project involves moving palm trees or any large or oversized trees give us a call and let us prove to you why we are the best in the heavy haul industry.

We have offices in Florida and around the country ready to help you move trees across the United States as well as shipping trees overseas. Give us a call today.

How to dig up Palm Trees?

Before you start digging, remove 1/3 of the palm’s oldest branches first. This will make the palm tree easier to handle while reducing the water stress when the tree is transplanted. You can go ahead and tie back the remaining fronds on the palm tree to make it easier to handle and work with while minimizing the chances of injury to the foliage. Begin by cutting through the palm trees’ roots and soil with a sharp spade creating a circle around the base of the palm extending out about 1-2 feet from the trunk, depending on the species of palm, creating a nice root ball.

Be sure to undercut the root ball about 12 inches under the surface of the soil. Proceed by lifting the tree’s root mass from the hole and then immediately placing it in a newly dug hole. If the tree is to be transported a long distance you will need to wrap the root ball in burlap to help keep the roots moist. You will need to regularly moisten the palm tree’s roots and store them in a cool shaded area until you are ready to plant them in their new location.

How to transport Palm Trees?

If you are looking to transport many large palm trees, this can easily be accomplished using a flatbed truck. In order to ensure the survival of your trees during transport as well as maintaining vehicle safety on the road, you’ll need to be sure that your trees are properly secured on the truck. By properly caring for the trees throughout the drive, you can improve the chances of keeping the palm tree alive as the shipping process can be very stressful and cause shock to the trees if not handled correctly.

Be sure to use a breathable tarp system that covers the entire tree otherwise the winds will strip the tree of its foliage. Ensure that the palm trees have been strategically loaded to prevent any breaking. You will need to occasionally stop for water along your travels moistening the root balls sufficiently. This will keep the trees healthier when they finally reach their destination. When you finally unload the trees be sure to water the tree’s root balls with a healthy amount of water.

Can Palm Trees be moved?

Fortunately, palm trees are one of the easier plants to move due to their large fibrous root balls. Their roots are compact and can be lifted out like a ball. Try to get as much soil as you can to surround the root ball structure. There are some types of palm trees like the Bisimarkia and Bangalow that won’t survive being moved.

Can you move a Palm Tree?

Palm trees are relatively easy to transplant into a new landscape. Unlike broadleaf trees which can encounter problems during transplant like wrapping their roots, this is never an issue for palm trees as they have a different root morphology and architecture making their root balls easier to dig up, cover and move.

How to transplant a small palm tree?

Smaller palm trees can easily, and carefully, be dug out from the ground by hand while preserving the delicate root ball and its smaller feeder roots. One or two landscape professionals should be able to accomplish this without the need for any heavy equipment.

How To Move A Large Palm Tree Without Killing It?

In order to successfully move a large palm tree without killing it, you will need to carefully dig out the root ball with as little damage as possible, wrap the roots and leaves carefully in burlap, and transport the palm safely to its new destination. You will need to prepare the soil and new hole in advance while being sure to provide extra care for the palm after it has been planted in order to minimize the risk of transplant shock.

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