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We Will Transport It is among the leading sports car transport companies in the United States and throughout the world. Our company has access to a global network and can ship your valuable vehicles practically anywhere in the world on schedule and in an affordable manner. We also have the experience needed to help our clients overcome whatever logistical challenges they may face.

Why Should You Ship a Sports Car?

New and old, sports cars have significant value. Often, driving them to a destination just does not make financial sense and, in the case of overseas destinations, is not even an option. There is also a wide array of potential logistical challenges, such as bad weather, road conditions and other drivers. When you ship, you have much greater control over the costs, schedule and protection of the vehicle.

What Is the Best Way to Ship a Sports Car?

The ideal way to ship a sports car is to choose a shipping company that specializes in sports car transport, such as We Will Transport It. This is the most affordable and dependable option.

There are many general shipping companies that are willing to ship a sports car and will provide you with a quote. But selecting just any old company is a lot like choosing the local furniture mover to transport your artwork or the grand piano that is valued at thousands of dollars or more. You want a company that has the experience, network and other resources specific to moving high-value vehicles.

Can You Transport a Luxury Sports Car?

The ideal way to ship a sports car is to choose a shipping company that specializes in sports car transport, such as We Will Transport It. This is the most affordable and dependable option.
While not all sports car transport companies are able to ship luxury vehicles, we do. One of the most common ways to ship luxury sports cars, other luxury vehicles, antique vehicles, classic restored cars and so forth is via an enclosure. You have the option of enclosed transport.

You also have the option of an enclosure that is built specifically to your vehicle prior to departure and then disassembled at the destination. Both of these options provide an added layer of protection that ensures that your luxury sports car arrives at its destination in the same impeccable condition in which it departed.

How Much Does Enclosed Transport Cost?

The industry rule of thumb is that enclosed transport costs 30-40% more than open transport.

How Much Does Open Transport Cost?

This varies based on a wide range of factors. As a baseline, you can expect it to cost between $0.58 and $1.96 a mile. Shorter trips cost more per mile whereas longer trips cost less.

How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Vehicle?

This varies depending on many different factors as well. As an industry rule of thumb, a shipment that requires 500 miles or less can be completed in under two days. You can add a day to this for each additional 500 miles. In other words, a 1,250-mile distance could be completed in less than four days. Regardless of distance, most deliveries are completed within a week, but there are some exceptions.

Why Should Customers Choose We Will Transport It?

We Will Transport It specializes in sports car shipping. Our company has access to an expansive transport network that stretches across the globe. We also possess a wealth of experience in this domain in addition to many other resources that let us deliver for our customers on a consistent basis.

We are a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating. Our company also has many five-star reviews online from clients that were thrilled with the service we provided. It makes us proud that much of our business comes in the form of repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals, and if you choose our company, you can count on us to go that extra mile to earn your complete satisfaction as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Sports Car?

While there are too many variables to provide a finite answer here, the good news is that shipping sports cars is not that much more expensive than shipping any other car and often much less than the customer expected. In addition, you can get a quote over the phone or online through our website. The entire process takes mere minutes or less and provides you with a quote specific to your needs.

Some of the factors that to be considered to provide you an accurate quote include:

  • Distance
  • Destination
  • Shipping date
  • Transport type
  • Origin location
  • Scheduling date
  • Value of the sports car
  • Special transport requirements
  • Other characteristics of the sports car

Is Distance the Deciding Factor in Cost?

Distance is a key component in the cost of shipping sports cars, but it is not as straightforward as you may imagine. Longer trips actually cost less per mile, and the reason for this is that there is a certain overhead that does not change and is thus better offset over the longer distance. The specifics of the destination and the pickup and delivery dates are often just as important.

How Important Is Destination as a Factor?

The location of the destination can be just as important as how far away it is. Your shipper must account for routes, transportation options, adverse weather, road conditions and so forth. There are also additional factors when shipping from the United States to another country.

How Important Are Pickup and Delivery Dates as Factors?

Dates are crucial when it comes to sports car transport. If you need to have a car delivered exactly on a holiday, we can do it, but naturally, it is going to cost more. Ideally, you should be as flexible as possible in when the vehicle can be picked up and delivered. By providing us that flexibility, we can work around any added fees associated with a particular date and thus get you the best possible price.

Will Vehicle Condition Affect Shipment Costs?

Yes, when it comes to operating conditions. Aesthetics typically do not affect price unless there is a characteristic, such as an oversized rear wing, that makes the vehicle more difficult to transport. As for operating conditions, if the vehicle can roll, brake and steer and it can be loaded or unloaded via a forklift or wrecker, then there will generally be no additional costs associated with the transport. Otherwise, additional costs are not guaranteed but may be required due to the particular logistics.

What Other Vehicle Characteristics Are Considered?

The three primary characteristics we need to consider in delivering you an amazing sports car transport experience are height, length and curb weight. As a general rule, if you are shipping a production model or even if you are shipping a hypercar, which is manufactured in limited runs, these factors will not affect the price. If, on the other hand, you are shipping a monster truck with a Camaro body, they will matter.

How Do You Get a Quote?

You can get a quote for sports car shipping through us. We can provide that information to you over the phone, through email or via the form that is available on our website. You will need to have some basic information, so have that on hand, or include it in your email. These details include:

  • Vehicle year, make and model
  • Operational status of the vehicle
  • Earliest pickup date
  • Origin and destination location

Should You Request a Quote Well in Advance?

We recommend it. While quotes do vary based on seasonal and other fluctuating factors, the difference between now and then will usually not be that great. In addition, one of the best reasons to request a quote early is that you can book your sports car transport well in advance of the actual date.

Should You Schedule Your Shipment Well in Advance?

As a company that takes pride in delivering amazing sports car transport services, we absolutely recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible. As mentioned, there are seasonal price fluctuations, and scheduling early allows you to lock in your rate and still be able to take advantage of savings should those prices go down.

The other factor is that with more time, our experts can help you work around the various aspects of the shipment that will cost the most. If we have weeks, for instance, we may be able to find an alternative to a transport type that is going to cost you a lot of money.

Should You Avoid Shipping in Winter?

Yes. While sports car shipping is available during winter, it will almost assuredly cost you more. We have many customers that ship their vehicles to warmer states prior to the snowbird season. We love to accommodate them and recommend shipping in the fall or even earlier when the rates are lower.

Are There Discounts Available?

This varies from among sports car transport companies. In our case, the answer is yes. Call us to find out about the latest discounts and other specials that have become available since this publication. We are also pleased to inform you that there is at least a 10% discount available if you call us now.

Is an Upfront Deposit Required?

Again, this varies from one company to the next. In our case, we do not require an initial deposit. You can schedule your shipment, and we can get the ball rolling on the logistics without any money down. You can then pay us prior to the shipment being initiated, and we will deliver your vehicle.

Is Any Money Down Required at All?

Again, this depends on the company. Some companies require all manner of fees and refundable deposits to be paid upfront. We do not. You can get started right now with absolutely nothing down.

Is Door-to-Door Car Shipping Available?

Yes! We offer door-to-door shipping whenever possible. Be mindful that you need enough space at the origin location and at the destination. If so, our driver can come directly to you!

Is Expedited Shipping Service Available?

Absolutely. While it is always best to schedule your shipment as far in advance as possible, we appreciate that it is not always possible. Typically, this premium shipment service can be provided to you within 24 to 48 hours of the order being placed.

How Do You Time It When Shipping to Yourself?

This is one of the most common and trickier questions because shipping to yourself can often mean being inconvenienced on one end or the other. It can definitely help if you have friends and family to lean on at either the origin or the destination, but whatever your situation, we have experts who can help you plan the shipment in a manner that minimizes the hassles.

What Is the Difference Between a Lead and a Carrier?

The carrier is a transportation company that moves the vehicle. One carrier is often enough for an entire move, but longer distances may require multiple carriers and even different types. The lead is our company. We are the ones with the high-level view of the network and the experience and other resources needed to put it to work for you in an affordable, timely and reliable manner.

Trust We Will Transport It to Ship Your Sports Car

When it comes to shipping sports cars, you deserve an amazing sports car transport company that you can trust and depend on, and that company is We Will Transport It. Time and again, we give our clients peace of mind and deliver their vehicles with the value intact. If you contact us right now, you can even get a 10% discount on the already low quote you receive, and as always, there are no upfront deposits or the need to put money down for any other reason.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Classic Car?

Most classic car owners view their cars as precious commodities, which is why they look for the best classic car shipping company to pick up and deliver their vintage and classic cars. However, choosing an auto transport company requires more than a simple price quote for this service.

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Classic car owners should choose transport companies with experience shipping exotic, vintage, restored and luxury vehicles. We Will Transport It has over 25 years of national and international vehicle transport experience.

On average, car owners can expect to pay between $500.00 and $1,000.00 to ship a classic car nationally.

To give car owners a better idea of what goes into the cost of shipping classic cars, here are some of the many factors auto transport companies like us take into consideration when providing transport quotes:

  • The vehicle makes and model – Height, weight and length of the vehicle help us determine the correct trailer size for transportation. The larger the trailer, the higher the transport costs.
  • Vehicle condition – An inoperable vehicle may require the use of a winch or additional equipment to load it onto a trailer. A vehicle that runs without issue costs less to transport.
  • Transport distance – For long distances, fuel, time and wear and tear on the trailer increase transport costs.
  • Transport route – Direct routes from the pickup location to the delivery location tend to be more cost-effective than routes with high traffic levels, ongoing construction or routes that weave and wind through different landscapes.
  • Open/Enclosed Transport – For classic car shipping, most car owners prefer using an enclosed trailer with walls and a ceiling to fully protect cars during transport rather than an open trailer without walls and ceilings. Enclosed trailers increase transport costs.
  • Transport Date – To keep classic car shipping rates as low as possible, car owners should plan their transport in advance and remain flexible about transport dates. Car owners should also keep the seasons in mind to avoid transporting their vehicles during heavy snow or rainy seasons.

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How Much to Ship a Classic Car?

When it comes to classic car shipping rates, many car owners want to know how much it will cost to transport their car from one location to another.

The answer depends on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, trailer type and vehicle condition (a classic car in perfect condition, a car that needs a little work and a classic car found on a sunken ship that requires lots of work).

On average, transporting a car costs $500.00 to $1,000.00 nationally. The cost goes up for international transport, which can cost $5,000 to $7,000 or more depending on the location.

Like many classic car shipping companies, We Will Transport It needs this information to provide accurate transportation quotes.

Many car owners prefer to transport their classic cars in enclosed trailers to protect them from wind and debris damage. Enclosed trailers will increase transport costs but provide the best protection.

Additional factors that influence classic car shipping costs include:

  • Ever-changing fuel costs
  • Time of year – Car owners should plan to transport their vehicles during seasons without much wind, snow, rain and other weather elements.
  • Vehicle special characteristics – Longer vehicles, or those with fins and other stand-out features, may require additional protection during transportation. These considerations may increase transport costs.
  • Expedited shipping requests – Planning ahead and remaining flexible with transport dates can reduce overall costs.
  • Shipping classic cars require special care and attention. With over 25 years of experience in transporting cars nationally and internationally, our team has the skills and transport equipment to safely move classic cars.

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How Much to Ship a Classic Car to New Zealand?

Shipping classic cars overseas to countries like New Zealand requires the same care and attention as shipping cars to cities and towns throughout the United States.

Regardless of whether a car owner transports a classic car found in an old barn in Maine, or transports a classic car found on a sunken ship, international shipping costs for transporting a car to New Zealand range from $1,000.00 to $7,000.00.

Some of the factors that determine the transportation costs include:

  • Freight charges
  • Transport, storage, taxes and other fees once the car arrives in New Zealand
  • Import processing charges, registration and insurance fees
  • Car undercarriage cleaning charges

Classic car shipping companies like We Will Transport It work closely with car owners so they feel comfortable with international car transport. From transporting the vehicle to U.S. port locations to ensuring safe arrival to New Zealand, we’ll be there every step of the way.

With over 25 years of experience in transporting cars, we’re the best classic car shipping company around!

Call We Will Transport It right now and get 10% off! We require NO MONEY DOWN and NO UPFRONT Deposits!

How to Ship a Classic Car?

Classic car shipping requires careful planning and attention to ensure the vehicle arrives safely at its destination. Car owners should arrange transportation during calm weather without snow, wind or rain.

Planning ahead and remaining flexible with transportation dates helps reduce overall costs.

Most classic car shipping companies recommend transporting classic cars in enclosed trailers to protect luxury, exotic and vintage cars; or a heavily damaged classic car found on a sunken ship from dirt, debris and other materials.

Depending on the make and model, overall condition, pickup and delivery locations and other transportation factors, classic car shipping rates will vary.

On average, car owners can expect to spend between $500.00 to $1,000.00 on transportation costs.

With over 25 years of experience, We Will Transport It is the best classic car shipping company when it comes to transporting classic cars.

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