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Street Sweeper Truck Transportation & Hauling Service

Street Sweeper Truck Transportation, we will transport itStreet Sweeper trucks are motorized vehicles that are used for cleaning the streets. They usually have cleaning implements like brushes and water jets attached to the chassis. Street Sweeper Truck Transportation are not designed for a long travel.

They’re typically also not designed for fast, long stretches of travel. Now because this vehicle is originally shared from one municipality into another it becomes inevitable that they need to be moved.

The necessity to move this equipment is where a sweeper truck haulers like We Will Transport It comes in. We have the equipment to move sweeper truck haulers whether it is between municipalities or across the state lines.

As sweeper truck haulers we have a long-standing reputation for quality service We Will Transport It is an accredited recipient of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) an accreditation that is awarded only to companies that meet, maintain, and commit to maintain the Better Business Bureau accreditation standards.

These standards include trustworthiness, honest advertisement, speaking the truth, transparency, honoring promises made to clients, and responsiveness.

When dealing with the transportation logistical challenges of moving equipment like sweeper trucks, We Will Transport It is certainly the real deal. All our drivers are bonded, licensed, and insured.

Our professional and customer-friendly dispatch agents will ensure that your sweeper truck arrives at the location where it is required. Our door to door services will remove the stress and hassle of worrying about moving the sweeper trucks.

Our dispatchers will be in consistent communication with you giving you updates on the logistics of the move.

Our experience as a sweeper truck hauler

We Will Transport It is a family owned business going on 22 years now as Street Sweeper Truck Transportation. Our truck transportation services are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can be certain that you will get reliability when you deal with We Will Transport It.

During our entire period of operation, we have nothing but raving reviews on our service as listed by transport review.

So if you need a sweeper truck hauler to haul the sweeper truck for short distances or you need the same service across States, then We Will Transport It he’s a great partner to work with.

Our well-trained drivers will ensure that the sweeper truck is loaded on the trailer, transported safely to its destination, and offloaded safely.

We are aware that most of these vehicles are used on busy streets. But you’re certainly confident in our driver skills to safely transport the sweeper trucks on busy roads and streets.

Our equipment

We have a wide range of trailers in a portfolio. We have low bed trailers, removable goosenecks (RGNs), and lowboy trailers.

The normal trailers have a higher clearance from the ground so they may not be suitable for areas with low ground clearance. They, however, work just fine for smaller street sweepers which are not very tall.

We also have removable gooseneck trailers that have a slightly lower clearance than the normal flatbed trailer. This is because our RGNs have a lower mid on the trailer that provides it with this lower clearance.

For larger models of Street sweepers that may extend higher in height we also have the lowboys that are very close to the ground. This lower clearance ensures that the larger models of street sweepers are transported without the chance of them bumping into objects.

Planning the route
We have professional logistics specialist who will plan the route of the street sweeper. Our team will also ensure that we file all the appropriate permits and factor in toll station charges if there are any and requirements for weigh stations. All these charges will be planned in advance and included in your quote.

Costing and distance

Distance will definitely factor into the costing. The longer the distance that the street sweeper hauler needs to be moved then most certainly the higher the cost.

Costing and size

The larger the size of the street sweeper the higher the transportation charges associated with it.


As a responsible business, we take all measures to ensure that your street sweeper arrives in good condition. To minimize the risk of operations as a street sweeper hauler we always ensure that all our operators are insured and that you will be compensated for damages incurred during transportation.

Online cost calculator

We have an online cost calculator on our website that will give you a close approximation to the cost you expect to incur when moving your street sweeper. Online cost calculator will request your data on the point of origination and the destination of the street sweeper as one of the key parameters required for calculating the cost.

Selecting a Street Sweeper Truck Transportation Company that will safely, reliably, and affordably transport your street sweeper is a choice might have to make to ensure that it arrives on time and safely

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